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Catherine Hills - BA (Hons) CIM Qualified

I'm Catherine - aka The Beelancer

I'm a resourceful and innovative Marketing specialist with expertise developed from a diverse range of creative sectors, particularly in garden design and luxury garden structures. 

Supporting businesses and helping to take the pressure off is at the heart of what I do - with every client, I take a friendly and collaborative approach. If I can make you feel less stressed about your marketing and achieve your PR goals then I'll be happy. 

In my spare time, you'll find me in the garden, eating pasta, exploring historic market towns or trying out a DIY craft project from Pinterest - usually with mixed results! 

How it all started...

Like most people in the industry, I got into Marketing by chance. One year, I attended an annual conference with a company I was contracting for, and the Marketing Department gave a presentation. To me, it was the most fascinating, pioneering presentation I had ever had the pleasure of listening to, and I was transfixed. 

I found my passion at that conference. I took a leap of faith and took a Marketing course. I built up my experience working for free for friends and family who ran businesses of their own. Fast forward to 2017, and I presented my very own Marketing presentation to 100 garden designers and landscapers at the Google Headquarters in London. It was amazing!  

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Andy Payne, Blue Forest Treehouses

"Catherine, it’s been brilliant to have you on the team, many thanks for all your work on the PR and Marketing side and for kick-starting our social media!" 

As I moved into a freelancing Marketing role, I started to feel a little overwhelmed. I felt like I wasn't good enough, and didn't know enough. Everywhere I looked, there was a new Marketing tip or rule to learn, or the algorithm on Facebook changed, and digital ads became more complicated. From what I could see, plenty of other creative business owners felt the same - there was too much information out there, and no entrepreneur had the time or the confidence to make sense of it all. Creativity and passion started to spread a little thin - I kinda hated marketing.

I decided it was high time someone took the bee by the horns and make marketing friendly and exciting again. I wasn't interested in helping big, corporate brands - I wanted to help the smaller, local businesses to regain their confidence and find a strategy that worked for them. Just like bees and other pollinators, these businesses may be small, but they work hard and all would be lost without them.


I started to speak to small, creative business owners like Garden Designers, Artists and Crafters to learn about their needs. I realised that they needed easy to follow plans and strategies that would fit in with their busy schedules. They needed to feel inspired, to get their creative juices flowing again. and to have the confidence to find their own voice on social media.


Now, I couldn't be happier helping small, independent businesses to get their brands out there. It's all about coming up with fun and creative ways to get people talking about their brands and telling their stories in a real, authentic way.


I'm very happy to confirm that I love marketing again. 

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