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Being an entrepreneur can sometimes leave you feeling alone. As a woman, running an independent business brings a unique set of challenges, from managing family commitments to dealing with discrimination. 

That’s why we created The Ladies Social Media Club - a space where women can come together, make friends, grow, and support each other. 

Join in with weekly 1-hour group sessions, where we get together, chat and schedule our social media posts for the week ahead. Consistently setting time aside to focus on your marketing gets the job done! Catherine is available throughout to offer unlimited marketing support and advice for when you get stuck, and the sessions will also include some fun exercises to get you trying new things. 

You'll be invited to the private Facebook group, where you can get ideas, network, connect and support from other women who run creative businesses. You will also receive weekly emails, filled with fun social media ideas and seasonal prompts. 

At Brass Bee Marketing, we believe that when you address the emotions that come with being a businesswoman, your business becomes more successful. Managing your feelings are just as important as keeping track of your expenses and learning new skills, as far as we are concerned. When you’re on top of your game, you produce your best work, and you radiate confidence. You feel better about promoting your brand on social media, you share your story more authentically, and new clients want to connect with you.

We wanted this to be affordable so that anyone can be a part of our group and feel welcome. Membership is just £30 a month, and you can cancel at any time! 

Come make friends!

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We aim to help you connect with other female entrepreneurs. When you're feeling supported and confident, nothing can stop you! 

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