10 Hastings Pirate-Day tricks for updating your look without having to shiver anyone's timbers.

The infamous Hastings Pirate Day took place across the town over the weekend, and as usual we were dazzled with a whole host of creative costumes and outfits.

On Sunday morning, my friends and I were perfectly happy to sit outside The Green Cafe in George Street with some breakfast to watch the rum-guzzling pirates gather outside the Anchor Inn. It was the perfect spot to sit and watch the old town fill with locals, tourists and swashbuckling scallywaps alike.

But we couldn't help but wonder about the time and effort everyone put into their magnificent outfits. Give a creative town like Hastings a cosplay theme and you'll be astounded at the range of looks and styles.

Here are our favourite outfits from the day:

1. More is more when it comes to accessories

This stylish couple sported a smart, goth look to Pirate Day 2019 - note that both their hands were adored with gold and jewels, most likely pillaged from one of their recent expeditions - and they cleverly combined multiple brown belts for a fresh, edgy look.

2. Pirates actually love pink

When attending Pirate Day, don't be afraid to embrace colours not usually associated with rum-drinking buckaneers. This sophisticated wench opted to wear a beautifully detailed white lace dress, statement necklace and boots.

Her hair was styled into a bright rosy-pink style, which she complemented with cherry pink lips and shawl.

3. Blending Day of The Dead and Pirate Day

These two pirates upped their game with face paint that seemed very reminiscent of the Day Of The Dead festival. We had to admit that we were big fans of the lady's bold, turquoise corset dress with black lace trim. It's also impossible not to mention her hair!

Matching your outfit with your facepaint is actually a look that is having a moment right now - so there's the potential to see more of this next year.

4. Smart and proper in brown suede

Beige Trousers? At Pirate Day? Brave move, sir! This is an understated pirate look if ever we saw one. Sometimes less is more, however, and this gentleman certainly stood out from the crowd due to his outfit's simple lines and harmonious colour palette.

5. Extreme embellishments

These two mystical tyrants donned very eclectic looks. One appears to have emerged from the sea covered in shells, and the other has clearly travelled from the orient for the occasion.

One thing's for sure, they both have heavy-duty pirate boots, a LOT of eyeliner and a LOT of hair, somehow giving them a similar style despite their opposing outfits. Both plunderers pulled their looks off really well.

6. Practical AND bold with red

No leather or corsets for these two, and look how happy they are for it! The Lady in Red on the left proves that by focusing on the details, you can get away with a relatively casual, comfortable outfit - which is essential when you're marching through the town with your drums in the middle of July or commandeering a new ship.

7. Bananas for bandannas

Thank you to the pirate on the right, for reminding us how much we used to love bandannas in the 90's. We're not too sure what kind of statement he was trying to make with his 'I'm not dead yet' t-shirt but it certainly caught our attention.

Can we also just take a moment to appreciate his friend's blacked out teeth and moustache? He's living his best life, for sure.

8. Skirt hemlines have changed yet again!

Five minutes ago, ankle ties and ripped trousers were all the rage for lady pirates - 2019's update is shorter, striped skirts and boots. This look started at Tortuga Island, so you can expect to see this happening at a port near you any day now.

Plus, it does mean you can go about with good old fish net tights again, without fear of snagging your stockings on the rigging.

9. Brave pattern combinations

Wearing gold brocade with paisley used to be something only embarrassing dads and tourists attempted in earnest. Not any more.

Everything about this sea dog's outfit looks great, from his neat white shirt to his bold, black knee-highs. Keep the look unfussy by sticking to one main colour and avoiding garish accessories.

10. Belted white shirts

There's a specific way of wearing your shirt with the Pirate Day gangs right now. You simply leave the buttons underneath your face tentacles undone.

The shirt is then belted with a bright buckle under the belly and - voila! - you’ve basically fashioned yourself a new trend.