Norman Goes Green- A Monthly Green Market in St Leonards-on-Sea

Tommy’s Pizzeria, which opened in June 2019, occupying what was Love Cafe on the corner of Norman Road in St Leonards has quickly become a favourite for locals looking for true Neapolitan style wood fired sourdough pizza. This weekend it was a hub of local brands for the very first ‘Norman Goes Green’ market, focusing on sustainable, vegan, low-to-no waste and slow fashion items.

This event was hosted by Katie from One Small Shop, an online retailer based in our town who sells clean beauty products and sustainable style items.

Makeup is a notoriously non-recyclable and packaging heavy product, however, Katie offers low packaging cosmetics that are dispensed into paper packaging for you to fill your empty containers at home. A lot of these products are multi-use- lip colour that doubles up as blush is a must-have for a quick splash of colour that makes you look far more put together than you probably feel.

As well as the low packaging cosmetics, One Small Shop has beautifully scented candles (the peony and blush suede one is to die for) and sustainable lingerie from a brand called ‘Woron’ whose ethos is creating bras you aren't dying to take off at the end of the day. The fabric is so soft and the minimal designs make for classic, high quality and sustainable pieces that you won’t ever want to remove.

Penelope’s Pitstop brought their signature sauces and condiments to the event, including maybe the best pesto I have ever tasted, along with pineapple hot sauce, dreamy dulce de leche spread and sweet chilli relish. I personally adore the pineapple hot sauce and currently have a bottle in my fridge that I add to almost everything I make.

Everything that Penelope’s Pitstop make is like a party in your mouth and is made with nothing but love. You can also find her every month at St Leonard’s Kings Road market, where she sells homemade South American dishes that I dream of. I highly recommend you give these guys a try the next time you see them. (You can thank me later).

Candy’s Vegan Treats does exactly what it says on the tin. Their bakes are a veganised twist on all of your favourite sweet treats. Not just for vegans- although it's probably a good idea for everyone to eat less animal products where they can, especially when they are just as delicious! I think I’ll be dreaming of those vegan bounty bites for a long time- until we meet again sweet babies...

Last but by no means least were the girls from Saint Retro Clothing, a pair of local vintage loving ladies who curate a stunning mix of 80s and 90s vintage clothing. They mainly sell on Instagram, but you can find them at markets around the local area too. Buying vintage is a fantastic way to make sure that you are not purchasing fast fashion and throw away items that will end up in landfills, but giving new life to well made items that have withstood the test of time (have a look at Oxfam's Second Hand September campaign- a 30 day pledge to say no to new clothes this September). Plus, you’ll be sure that you won’t bump into anyone wearing the same thing! A great thing about Saint Retro Clothing is that they label all of their items with the measurements and what that would equate to in modern day sizing as this does differ significantly from decade to decade.

This gathering of small businesses are all doing their bit to make a positive impact on the environment and making it easier for people like you and I to make cleaner, more responsible choices. It was truly lovely to see- caring for the environment is easier than ever, stylish and downright delicious. Until next month Norman Road!