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We're the marketing agency for creative business owners and designers who have lost their mojo.

Do you feel overwhelmed at the thought of blowing your own trumpet online? Okay, it's more than that - you positively loathe that damn trumpet, right?


Do you trawl the ‘gram, despairing at all the creative business owners who confidently share their labours of love online with great success while yearning to see the same results on your own page? 

'How do I go about picking the right hashtags for my Tweets when I find the whole thing a tad bit confusing, and I doubt myself at the best of times anyway?' 


If you can relate, then it's time to do something about it. You'll adore our downloadable products, personalised marketing courses and outsourcing services that will help you figure out how to navigate social media properly and carve your own path online. Brass Bee Marketing can help you grow your followers, make your social media accounts more visible, and increase your sales in a fun, creative way.


Helping creative business owners, designers, crafters and entrepreneurs to feel confident, get inspired and make more money online. 

GREY SEED-01.png
GREY SEED-01.png
GREY SEED-01.png


Get 12 months of awesomely creative marketing campaign ideas, WITH accompanying copy-and-paste content. all put together in one super-useful, FREE-BEE Trello Board - you'll be sharing fresh, scroll-stopping content in no time! 


Hello, I'm Catherine. I know full well that a creative mind is usually buzzing with ideas...

Nice to meet you...

BUT it's so easy to draw a blank when it comes to promoting your own business or sharing your creative journey online. I'm on a mission to make social media an expression of creative joy again. Let me show you how to share your designs in the digital space with confidence, in a fun way that converts followers into paying clients. 

Marketing your own business isn't easy for imaginative people, especially those with sensitive souls who feel shy or easily overwhelmed online. The visibility that comes from online success can make you feel vulnerable, fuelling the need to seek validation for your work from other people in the form of likes and comments. No wonder so many creatives stick their head in the pollen when it comes to marketing.

Isn't it ironic? Because in reality, creativity is a powerful advantage when you start recognising it for what it really is - a special gift that you can use to leverage your business online. When you start ignoring that negative voice in your head and allow yourself to connect with your creative spirit, you are tuning in with your true authentic self. People can sense that and are drawn to your vibe - yes, even if you're just putting your latest designs out there on social media. 

Using your creativity to market your business encourages people to fall in love with your brand and ultimately buy from you. It feels liberating and empowering to break down those fears and finally forge your own path in the digital world. If you're a creative business owner who holds back because online marketing is giving you a headache, let Brass Bee help you unleash your inner social media superstar. 

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Are you ready to stop bumbling about with your marketing, and start turning followers into clients?

Bee unique.


Honeybees are brilliant little things, working together to create intricate hives and amber-coloured honey. Their effect on the environment doesn't stop there - their movements shape the very landscape that we live in, the food we eat, and even our economy. 

They may be small, but our world would be lost without them - just like creative business owners, entrepreneurs, designers, artists and crafters.