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Catherine Hills - aka The Beelancer

BA (Hons), CIM Professional

"Inspire to create, create to inspire. Then tweet about it."

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Delivering a presentation at the Pro Landscaper Tech event held at the Google Headquarters in London.

I approached my boss and gave him an ultimatum - either he let me work from home, or he'd lose me. After a week of anxious waiting, he called me into a meeting. He told me that regrettably, letting me work from home wasn't going to happen. 'Once I let one person work from home, then I have to let everyone work from home,' he said. For a moment, I was devastated. But then, I heard him say something that would change everything. 'If you wanted to go freelance, we'd be very interested.' 


Now, I'm not gonna lie and claim going freelance was easy. I had to find more clients and find them fast. Everything I knew about in-house marketing didn't equip me for running a successful business, so I had to become competitive and adapt. For the first time, I had to promote myself. Let me tell you, it's a million times harder to promote yourself than promote a company you work for. 

It was never my intention to start a business at 29. My ideas didn't come from an engaging workshop at a business coaching retreat; they came from necessity. At the time, I was working as an Executive Content Creator for a high-end design company in Essex. I loved the job, but being far away from my hometown in Sussex was a real struggle.


I would commute for two hours on a Monday morning, stay in a little houseshare flat in the evenings, and travel back on a Friday. I missed my friends and family back home and was on the verge of burning out. I drank A LOT of coffee and felt like I was always living out of my Cath Kidston weekend bag. I had to figure out how I could carry on doing the job I was so good at without the distance, or I would have to hand in my notice, and that was not an option! 

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Blogging about Horatio’s Garden - a charity garden designed by Joe Swift at the Stoke Mandeville Hospital


It wasn't long before I started to feel like a failure. I didn't feel like I was putting my business out there properly. Everywhere I looked, there was a new rule to learn or an algorithm change to master. I felt envious of other people who seemed to do their marketing so damn well. There was so much information out there and I lacked the confidence to make sense of it all. My passion started to spread a little thin, and I thought about throwing in the towel plenty of times.


But there was one thing that pulled me through it all - my creativity. I started working on my confidence and it made me appreciate my own unique skills. I used my creativity to think of new ideas, and finally enjoyed promoting myself. The results spoke for themselves. 


Enjoying the swing at the RHS Gold-winning Zoflora & Caudwell Children's Wild Garden 

Why is it so hard for creatives to market their business? 


It takes balls to put your creations out there for all the world to see. 

Marketing your business and promoting your work is especially difficult for creative people because they can often be sensitive, shy or easily overwhelmed. They hesitate, doubt themselves and find it difficult to pick one idea. BUT creativity is actually an advantage online. People buy from real, authentic people they like. When we're connected to our creative spirit, we're our true authentic selves and people can sense that - even online, I promise!

If you're a creative business owner who holds back because you find online marketing a headache, then let me help you unleash your inner social media superstar. Let's get creative! Click here to find out how. 
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Simon Payne, Blue Forest Treehouses

"The number of referrals to our website from social media is up approx. 82% when compared to the same period last year, which is great!"