Helping creative business owners, designers, crafters and entrepreneurs to feel confident, get inspired and gain visibility online. 

We're the marketing agency for creative business owners who have lost their mojo. Do you feel overwhelmed at the thought of blowing your own trumpet online? Do you doubt yourself and hesitate every time you share a social media post? In that case, you'll love our downloadable products, personalised marketing courses and outsourcing services that will grow your presence online and increase your sales in a fun, creative way.

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Are you ready to stop bumbling about with your marketing, and start turning followers into clients?

Nice to meet you...

Hi, I'm Catherine. I know full well that a creative mind is usually buzzing with ideas...

BUT it's so easy to draw a blank when it comes to promoting your own business. I'm here to get those creative juices flowing again! Let me show you how to promote your business with confidence and make more sales online.

what do you need help with?

Marketing your own business isn't easy for imaginative people who tend to be sensitive, shy or easily overwhelmed. But it can become an advantage when you start recognising your creativity for what it really is - a special gift that you can take advantage of. When you're connected to your creative spirit, you are tuning in with your true authentic self. People can sense that - even online.


Using your creativity to market your business encourages people to fall in love with your brand, and ultimately buy from you.

If you're a creative business owner who holds back because online marketing is giving you a headache, let Brass Bee help you unleash your inner social media superstar. 


Let's get started

Getting started is as easy as A, Bee, C. The first step is to talk about what you want to achieve and set some goals during a free consultation. Get in touch to say hello!

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