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How connecting with other creatives takes your social media game to a new level

Promoting your business online with authenticity takes confidence - something that creative freelancers and entrepreneurs can lack. Connecting with other business owners can be the quickest way to break down your barriers and get your creative ideas flowing!

We often speak to business owners who feel like their social media pages are a bit of a burden - and the root cause is often a lack of confidence.

Because they're not confident in what they have to say, they spend ages sitting in front of their laptop, trying to think of something good to share on their social media pages and doubting every idea they have. They probably head to their newsfeed to find inspiration (where they ultimately get sucked into looking at other people's TikToks). Before they know it, a whole hour has passed, and they've still not posted anything.

As a result, marketing their business on social media feels like a time-consuming and uncomfortable activity. Because they're usually so busy with other tasks, they put it at the bottom of their priority list, and their social media pages quickly become neglected for weeks at a time.

As we all know, having long delays between posts result in an unengaged audience and low organic reach. This means when they next post something again, and their efforts generate little engagement.

Confidence is essential for sharing content consistently and growing your social media profiles.

When you have confidence in what you can offer and what your audience wants to see in their news feeds, then you can share content with clarity. You don't doubt yourself when you have a new idea, and you have enough conviction in your abilities to know that your audience will respond well to it.

When you feel good about yourself and what you can offer, posting to your business feeds becomes an easy and quick task to incorporate into your regular schedule.

Why having a strong, supportive network can help your social media marketing.

Many creative business owners are remote workers, and isolation and working alone are often part of the package. You spend very little time collaborating or communicating with others, but being supported and encouraged by others who understand can significantly affect how you promote yourself.

If you sit in a room on your own with nothing but your laptop and your insecurities, you're not likely to share unique content and build a vibrant brand online.

Sitting in a room with a small group of creative entrepreneurs, however, where you can brainstorm, sound ideas off each other, and feed off different energies in the room can significantly impact how you feel about yourself and improve the quality of content you share. Connection with others gives you perspective, creativity and confidence.

Here's why:

  1. Telling people about your ideas and receiving positive feedback can help to banish feelings of inadequacy and doubt.

  2. Other people can help you to stay accountable and keep you on track - no more disappearing down a reels rabbit hole for half an hour!

  3. Listening to others share their insecurities and offering reassurance helps you realise that your negative thoughts may not be true after all.

  4. Helping other business owners develop their creative ideas gives you a confidence boost in your abilities; after all, your creative brain gives you a powerful advantage over others.

How can you connect with other business owners and creatives?

  • Look at online directories specifically targeted to creative businesses or people in your area. Check to see if they organise any meet-up sessions or events you can join.

  • Join relevant Facebook Groups that have a good level of regular engagement. Stick to topic-specific groups or those in your location. Connect with people who have similar businesses to you.

  • Sign up for online or in-person co-working groups designed to create a distraction-free space where you can work alongside others..

  • Check out conferences and trade shows - they often have events and workshops that include co-working sessions.

  • Think about your existing network - is there anyone you already know you could approach and buddy up with?

Don't be afraid to reach out and connect with other business owners. Not only can it be a valuable networking opportunity, but it can also be one of the best ways to clear those emotional blocks and get you back on track.


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