Feeling stuck for social media ideas? Connecting with others helps creativity to flow!

For women to feel confident about putting their business out there on social media, sometimes they need to lean on a strong women-in-business support group to help get those creative ideas flowing!

All too often, we speak to business owners who feel like their social media pages are a bit of a burden. Often, they don’t prioritise their online and let their profiles go unattended for weeks on end. Long delays between posts result in an unengaged audience and low organic reach when they finally start sharing content again.

Do you always seem to have that constant, guilty feeling niggling away at you? Do you constantly berate yourself for not doing more for your business on social media? Then you may be struggling to let your creative juices flow because you’re simply not ‘‘feeling it.’’

Feeling great about your social media pages vs. not "feeling it".

When you’re not ‘‘feeling it’’, you often have no idea what to share every week, so you share posts for the sake of it. Managing your social media pages is likely to feel like a chore, and it becomes something you put off doing each week because you don’t feel inspired or motivated to share your business with the world. You feel inhibited, as if there’s a barrier stopping you from putting yourself out there. You resist, so you procrastinate. This mindset is your absolute worst enemy, and if you rely on social media for your leads, it can potentially be business damaging.

When you’re authentically connected to your inner creativity, you feel able to express your ideas and have fun with your online content. You automatically have a focused, comfortable, self-assured approach online that your followers love and respond to. Just like that, there’s no fear; there are no vibrational blocks – it flows, and you feel good doing it!

What does a strong, female support network have to do with social media marketing?

While nobody should ever feel like they must be on social media 24/7, giving your profiles the love and attention they deserve is essential, and this is where a connection with others comes in. Promoting your business on social media can bring out all sorts of unpleasant emotions, from imposter syndrome and embarrassment to fear of rejection – it can be quite a lonely endeavor.

Many creative business owners are remote workers, and isolation and working alone are often part of the package. You spend very little time collaborating or communicating with others, but feeling supported by others who understand can make a significant difference in how you promote yourself. People are more creative when connecting with others, with the opportunity to brainstorm, sound ideas off each other, and feed off different energies in the room.

Telling people about your business and receiving positive feedback can help to banish feelings of inadequacy and doubt. Other people can help you to stay accountable and keep you on track. In return, assisting others also gives you a confidence boost and makes you see that your ideas are pretty impressive, after all. When you struggle with creative blocks, your social media profiles are likely to suffer as a result. As is the case with all solopreneurs, you are the driving force behind your business, so you have to constantly put yourself first and take care of your mindset to achieve success. Connecting with other creative business owners who face the same challenges is one of the best ways to clear those emotional blocks and get you back on track. Take a look at our NEW groups for women in business - the Ladies Content Creators Club.