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The 'Do It Yourself' Email Marketing Plan

The 'Do It Yourself' Email Marketing Plan


A bit like a course, a bit like a strategy... This fantastic, step-by-step 'Do It Yourself' Email Marketing strategy will show you how to manage your own subscriber lists and create an effective email plan to follow. Randomly sharing emails in the hope of generating some sales will get you nowhere. In order to grow your subscriber list and generate an income from email marketing, you have to have a structured and effective stretegy in place.


In this comprehensive course, you'll learn how to:

  • Identify your target audience - and why targeting is SO important for smaller businesses.
  • Stand out from your competitors and get noticed online.
  • Put together an attractive lead magnet that will have leads subscribing your your mailing lists all day long. 
  • Run ad campaigns to promote your lead magnets, and track the results.
  • Plan captivating content to share in your emails.
  • Convert subscribers into raving customers.
  • How to make more money from your existing customers via email. 
  • How to encourage referrals and repeat business via email.


Start targeting your dream customers, begin standing out from your competitors and see your sales figures soar. Whether your creative business is new or been established for a while, The 'DIY' Email Plan is an easy solution for creative entrepreneurs looking to expand their knowledge, while growing their presence online.  


PLUS! A simple engagement plan to follow, broken into daily, weekly and monthly tasks AND a handy social media checklist, so your content is always consistent.

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