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The ULTIMATE 'Superstar My Social Media' Bundle

The ULTIMATE 'Superstar My Social Media' Bundle


Get three months' worth of impactful, sales-generating social media posts written for you and your business. Put your feet up for the next quarter because Brass Bee has got ALL your social media posts and stories covered!


With The Ultimate 'Superstar My Social Media' Bundle you can easily whip up a week’s worth of highly engaging social media posts in super-quick time - all you have to do is copy and paste and fill in the gaps. Everything has been tailored for your unique business. Then, you’ve also got a range of super-hot story ideas to pick and choose from, depending on how much extra time you want to spend. 


What's included?

  • Three months of social media posts written for you and your business.
  • Three months of story ideas.
  • A monthly engagement to-do list.
  • A handy social media check list.
  • PLUS a professional review of your social media pages, complete with a list of improvements.


This is ideal for busy creative business owners who struggle to come up with juicy ideas because they’ve already used up all their creative energy doing their job. All your posts for the month are already planned and perfectly written for you, using Catherine’s exclusive ‘Pyramid Method’. The Pyramid Method creates the optimum balance between sharing your story, addressing your potential client’s needs, and promoting your brand in an irresistible way that gets people buying without sounding like a pushy salesman.


Everything is already planned out for you, so it requires zero effort on your part (but still gets you maximum results). Simply copy and paste, fill in the gaps, add your hashtags and a great picture or video, and you’re done.

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